• Random Movie Quote

    Sir Alexander Dane: You’re just going to have to figure out what it wants. What is its motivation?
    Jason Nesmith: It’s a rock monster. It doesn’t have motivation.
    Sir Alexander Dane: See, that’s your problem, Jason. You were never serious about the craft.

    — Galaxy Quest (1999)

Keith Sears to Chat about Feylands

SpriteHiya Folks!

I’ve been invited to chat about the Feylands project on the #rpgnetchat IRC channel, November 4, 2015 at 7:00 PM Central time! You have Questions? I have some Answers!

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More about the moderator, Dan Davenport.

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And the Winner Is. . .


DUNGEON WORLD! with 85 Votes.
FATE followed behind with 31.5 Votes.
EABA with 26.5 Votes took 3rd Place.

I thank everyone that participated in the poll for your interest and participation. The Feylands adventures are currently in the writing stage. More to come.

Only 3 Days Left in the Adventures! Poll

VoteThere are only three days left in the Alternative Game System Poll.  If you haven’t voted for the Open Source game system you would like to see adapted to the Feylands fantasy adventures, now is the time!

It has been an interesting measurement of popularity so far. When I first put together the poll,  I chose those systems that I had been fairly certain would get plenty of votes. But there have been a number of games that have suddenly popped up from the Other category that have become unexpected contenders. The Top 4 games at the time of this writing are:

  1. Dungeon World – 84 Votes
  2. FATE- 30.5 Votes
  3. EABA (End All Be All) 25.5  Votes
  4. Archmage System (13th Age)- 25 Votes

Our latest surprise is EABA v2.01 from BTRC. It’s only half a vote above the Archmage system from Pelgrane Press. Thank you all very much for the current feedback. It’s good to see what my audience would like to see come out of this company.

So if you haven’t voted yet, or you know some friends that would be interested, pass the word along quickly! Vote!