• Random Movie Quote

    [Playing “Chicken” riding a bike]
    Danny Madigan: This is gonna work. It’s a movie, I’m a good guy. This has got to work!
    [Danny thinks again]
    Danny Madigan: I’m a comedy sidekick. Oh, shit! I’m a comedy sidekick! IT’S NOT GONNA WORK!

    — Last Action Hero (1993)

Dream Palace

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The Greatest Movies Never Made!

Hollywood could spend billions of dollars, get the best scriptwriters, directors, and actors – and they will still never match the coolness of the movie you have in your head.

Dream Palace will be a complete story game based on the standards used to create stories for movies. There a number of cinematic roleplaying games already out on the market, and you’re probably wondering what is going to make Dream Palace different from the rest of them.

Almost all of the cinematic RPGs are actually traditional RPGs with movie elements sprinkled on top of them. Traditional roleplaying games are not like the movies. They play more like real life — very random and teach you to keep your head down and play it safe unless you have a big advantage over your opponent.

Movies are better than life. All the parts fit together and are tied into a neat bow at the end. The characters are heroic and take crazy risks because it looks so cool on the screen. The long shot works because its important to the story, not because you got a good die roll.

Dream Palace is built from the ground up with cinema in mind. Fire up your imagination and be sure to check back when we announce the Beta test version of the game!

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