• Random Movie Quote

    Betty Schaefer: Oh, I’m sorry, Mr. Gillis, but I just didn’t think it was any good. I found it flat and trite.
    Joe Gillis: Exactly what kind of material do you recommend? James Joyce? Dostoyevsky?
    Betty Schaefer: I just think that pictures should say a little something.
    Joe Gillis: Oh, one of the message kids. Just a story won’t do. You’d have turned down Gone With the Wind.
    Sheldrake: No, that was me. I said, “Who wants to see a Civil War picture?”

    — Sunset Blvd. (1950)

Reptilians and the People that Love Them

reptiliansDo you love Reptilians? In case you haven’t heard, I have started a Patreon account to help fund our work. I have some exciting plans in mind for your gaming entertainment. You can count on enhancing your experience by joining me on Patreon for regular updates on Sock & Buskin’s projects.

Okay, I Thought This Was About Reptilians?

Follow me through the design processes in the Patreon Designer Diary. There, you can find a record of my half-baked ideas, periods of Analysis Paralysis, and how I (hopefully) solve my own problems.

The latest entry involves my latest favorite conspiracy — The Reptilians! This has more Crazy than you can shake a snake at! I’m really looking forward to writing more about them for London by Moonlight.

Is That It? More Reptilians, Please!

Patrons that go for Rook Level access will also get to download PDFs of the Dream System RPG one week before it goes public. I’ve just uploaded the First Alpha of the Conflicts section of the game, and the Third Alpha of Character Generation will be following it later this week. The game is currently in an untested state, so feedback is going to be very helpful. I definitely want to make the game so it entertains the people that are going to play it.

Sorry, that’s all the Reptilians for now. I will be writing more about them soon! I promise!

Cold Open

london by moonlight slider 04

Excerpt from the first adventure for the modern fantasy setting London by Moonlight.

It’s late evening when the young man comes home to his family’s dingy apartment. He gives a little sigh as he opens and closes the door, glad that he can get finally get little relaxation. As he looks up from locking the door behind him, his eyes meet a  scene from out of a nightmare.

Odd symbols and splashes of blood cover walls of the apartment. His mother, father and little sister are bound and gagged, like animals prepared for slaughter. The women are quietly sobbing through their gags. His father’s rage was impotent.

Someone in a Halloween mask placed a knife to his throat.

“Welcome home Billy,” said the man holding the knife to his throat, “We’ve saved a seat for you.”

Two other intruders popped up from behind the chairs with the shout of “Surprise!” Joyfully, they grasped him by his arms and maneuvered him into an easy chair. He knew he should fight this. He knew that if they managed to bind him, he’d be dead. But there was a numbness that fell over him, and he could not find the strength to fight. He meekly allowed them to tie him into that chair.

Once Billy had been secured, the man the had held the knife says, “It’s time to bring out Mother. She’ll want to bathe in this directly.”
The two other intruders scurried into the kitchen and returned carrying an odd case. It looked like it once held an old sewing machine, but had breathing holes cut in the sides. They held it with great reverence and cautiously placed it on the coffee table.

One by one, they snap open the fasteners. The top of the case lifts off with the sucking sound of wet mucous. The camera is angled so the audience cannot see what is in the case, but can see the reactions of the family. Each of the victims begin to scream.

Cut to Black. Cue Theme Music.