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Racing the Clock

Swirly ClockMarch 14, 2015

I have a deadline. Simultaneously the most dreadful and wonderful thing for me, Mike at Just for Fun Games informed me there would be an RPG day at his shop.n I decided that I wanted to run one of the adventures I am developing for my London by Moonlight setting for the Luna System.

London by Moonlight is something that I’ve been holding close to my chest before now. The elevator description is “Supernatural Secret Agents with a British TV Twist.”

The players get to portray agents of a mysterious international organization called Round Table that investigates and neutralizes supernatural threats to humanity. They want all this done out of the public eye so as to prevent a panic.

The part about the British TV may require a little explanation about what I mean. I thoroughly enjoy the BBC when I can get it. Because they don’t normally have a big budget, they rely heavily on the writing of their shows, and they aren’t afraid to include elements that American TV may consider “too cerebral.” London by Moonlight should feel like a smart British TV show… with a big budget.

So, now I am racing the clock to complete an Alpha version of the Luna System and write the first episode/adventure for London by Moonlight. You can track my progress at LondonByMoonlight.com.

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