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    Griffin Mill: I was just thinking what an interesting concept it is to eliminate the writer from the artistic process. If we could just get rid of these actors and directors, maybe we’ve got something here.

    — The Player (1992)

A Tale of Three Brains

Sometimes I am my own worst enemy. The closer I get to the end of a project, the slower I seem to go. As I reach completion, the crazy little part of my brain keeps coming up with new ideas. It can’t help itself. It gets bored with real work. However, it will take the entire project hostage until I address its demands. It nags at me until i either include the new ideas or lay them to rest.

In this case, I am trying to finish up the beta of Dream Palace. For weeks, the crazy brain has been trying to convince me to include a point system in Dream Palace to determine a winner for the end of the game. I decided that it was unworkable and unnecessary. The Crazy Brain countered by asking me what the objective of the game was. I knew I was in major trouble now since it had gotten help from the Perfectionist Brain.

The problem with the Perfectionist Brain is that it actually wants evidence when I tell it that it is wrong. The problem with that in the case of Dream Palace is that the game system is a brand new concept. When a conflict arises in a story, it doesn’t ask, “Did you succeed?” It asks, “Who has control of the story?’ This new concept makes it extremely difficult to come up with prior examples. So, I had to logic it out. ME versus the Perfectionist Brain:

ME: I can’t use that point system. This is not a competitive game. :

PB: It’s not cooperative, either. You have the players competing.

ME: Only because movies have a Protagonist and Antagonist. Conflict drives a story.

PB: Then you need a winner, don’t you? You must have a winner, or you are not making a game. You are making a toy. You need that point system to make it into a real game. (I could sense it smiling evil at me.)

Me: Hold on. In roleplaying games, who are the players playing against? Who is the opponent?

PB: The gamemaster, of course. Duh.

ME: Wrong! The gamemaster cannot be the opponent since he is primarily a referee. He cannot win a game. The opponents are the fictional ones in the adventure itself. The players win by overcoming them. Dream Palace has its objective – to overcome the opposing side of the story, whether it be Protagonist or Antagonist.

PB: (Flaps its mouth uselessly, trying to think of something to say.)

So work continues until I finish it.. or have another idea.

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